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We provide a professional tree maintenance and removal service. We are celebrating our 20 year anniversary. Since 1999 we have been servicing the Middlebury area and many towns beyond. In High School we participated in the Agriscience program at Nonnewaug High in Woodbury. Taking advantage of this program set us up for success in this arboriculture field. After working for a worldwide corporation and gaining great experience and a culture of safety, we started out on our own.

Using our combined skills in order to better serve our customers has its benefits to our loyal customers. We have had success building our business one customer at a time, with the growing market, our professionalism and persistence is paying dividends. Seeing other successful businesses and taking a page out of their book has been our inspiration.

We enjoy the outdoors and being challenged with what the ever-changing environment throws our way. We are all very active in our community and enjoy being a part of it. We are able to enjoy different challenges like saving cats from tall trees and using our equipment for other strange jobs. As kids we worked together on many projects such as newspaper routes, basement and attic clean outs along with mowing lawns in our Bethlehem neighborhood. Unofficially we were called Bernardi Boys Odd Jobs. We still have the sign we painted hanging in our shop today. Our mother Debbie, encouraged and supported us from the start. A funny story is that she made work fun by finding creative ways of delivering papers. Utilizing the old Cadillac family vehicle and some innovation in order to expedite delivery. Thanks mom!

My name is Joseph Bernardi and I live at 450 Regan Road here in town. I have been a member of the Middlebury Volunteer Fire Department for 20 years. Jaime just started on the Ladies Auxiliary of our fire department as well. My wife Jaime and myself have three children and a dog named Donald. Donald is a Jack Russell terrier puppy. My oldest daughter Angelina swims for Pomperaug High School as a freshman on the varsity team. My middle school daughter Olivia runs cross country as a sixth grader. My son, Joey is a fifth grader and wrestles with a club called KT Kidz out of Rocky Hill Connecticut. All are very competitive and I am proud of them. Jaime is our Office manager and helped us start our business

My little brother Michael lives in Bethlehem near March Farms along with his wife Christina and their two children Alexis and Jeffrey. They have a new puppy named Milly who frequents our shop along with Christina who helps with secretarial duties. Alexis and Jeffrey are also involved in sports. Alexis plays soccer. Jeffrey runs cross country, wrestles and plays soccer. Great kids.

My littlest brother Brian lives in Bethlehem as well, near the elementary school. He is a volunteer fireman in Bethlehem as well. He has a wife named Virginia and two kids named Brooke and Benjamin. They are also great kids and very dedicated athletes. Virginia has helped us in the office in the past as well for many years. Brooke and Ben are very active in sports as well, soccer and wrestling.

Our shop is located at 227 Commercial Street in Watertown. This is where we store and maintain our equipment. We operate out of this location and meet our employees there early every morning. My brothers Mike and Brian perform arboriculture with strict standards along with my great employees. This team also maintains our large fleet of equipment and responds to emergency calls at all hours of the day and night.

We enjoy being business owners and working together… most of the time.