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Our Tree Services

Our Tree Services

We Offer Safe, Efficient Services

When it comes to the care of your trees, which provide so many environmental benefits as well as aesthetic beauty for your property, you need experts you can rely on. Brothers’ Tree Service LLC  is a licensed, family-owned and operated company that provides a wide range of services to keep your trees in tip-top shape. We work with property owners in Watertown, CT, and throughout all of western Connecticut, using the highest quality equipment to help us get the job done efficiently and safely.

Aerial lift service in Watertown, CT

Tree Maintenance

Tree Pruning

Our licensed arborist will work with you to determine the best pruning method for your tree, based on factors such as the tree’s species and health and the surrounding structures. Our skilled climbers can safely get to the tree’s canopy using rope, saddle, and other specialized climbing equipment—however, we never use climbing spurs or spikes on our feet when pruning, because these can damage the tree. We also have a 60-foot bucket truck that can easily access the canopy of the tree.


If you have a tree that needs additional support, cabling and bracing can prevent the tree from splitting apart. This procedure is essential for older trees that may have limbs in danger of breaking off. Limb loss can destroy the tree as well as anything around it—the people and structures around the tree are referred to as targets.

Insect & Disease Control

Joe, Mike, and Brian are all certified by the state of Connecticut to apply pesticides (DEEP# B-1978). Insect and disease control products can be applied in several different ways, so we will examine the tree and determine which treatment and method will be most effective. Types of insects that can infest your tree include the Hemlock wooly adelgid, spider mites, scale, bronze birch borer, weevils, caterpillars, and more. Connecticut’s ash trees are currently at risk of damage from the emerald ash borer—we can help protect your ash trees from this insect.


Trees in forests receive their nutrients from organic debris on the forest floor. However, in non-forest environments, this compost is usually cleared away. Fertilizer is important for helping deliver the nutrients trees are missing. We offer a deep root feeding system that helps improve the health and vigor of the tree, which helps prevent diseases. We use PHC brand fertilizer, utilizing the most efficient delivery system possible to help the roots receive the nutrients they need while minimizing runoff.

Vertical Mulching

Vertical mulching is a process for which we place a series of small holes in the soil around a tree. The holes are filled with loosely packed mulch to allow more oxygen to reach the tree’s root system, helping the tree thrive.

Root Excavation

Root excavation requires using high-pressure air to displace soil. We use a tool called an air spade, which prevents damage to fine-root hairs. This technique allows us to lessen soil compaction, which allows for increased oxygen to reach the roots and allows us to access the root system for inspection.

Air Excavation

We use an air spade and powerful air compressor to remove the soil around the root system. This method allows us to inspect or decrease soil compaction without causing any damage to the fine roots which are essential for the tree’s survival.

Deer & Tick Control

Our spray technicians protect your plants from deer damage. The deer population is growing, and that means that more hungry deer are around looking for plants to eat. Installing a fence is effective, but it can be expensive. We offer a safe, long-lasting, and eco-friendly deer repellant that keeps deer away from your property. Our spring-through-fall repellent deters deer due to its taste and smell, which is undetectable to humans. Our late-fall/winter application is the longest lasting repellent available and leaves a visible film on the plant that repels deer through taste alone. These applications are effective for white-tailed deer, black-tailed deer, mule deer, sika deer, elk, and even moose.

To safely and effectively eliminate ticks, we target the white-footed mouse, which is the most popular animal for ticks to feed on. Our licensed team implements Damminix in mouse habitats to protect your property, family, and pets from Lyme-disease-carrying deer ticks. Damminix is a system in which we spray cotton balls with a safe, biodegradable ingredient that kills ticks but doesn’t hurt the mice or other wildlife. These cotton balls are then placed in cardboard tubes that we place in strategic areas on your property and any surrounding woods. The mice then bring these cotton balls to their burrows to line their nests. The ticks on the mice are eliminated when they come into contact with the treated cotton balls.

Large Hedge Trimming

Frequent hedge trimming gives your hedge a fuller, more aesthetically pleasing look that adds visual appeal to your property, while keeping it at a manageable size.

Tree Removal

Our skilled team removes trees in a way that creates the least amount of damage to the surrounding area. We use skilled climbers or special weight distribution mats for our equipment to access the tree. We also have a crawler 80-foot spider lift, log arches, a multi-trac loader, and alturnamats to protect your lawn during the removal process. Our goal is to leave your property cleaner than it was when we got there! No matter where the tree is on your property, we can safely remove it.

Stump Grinding

Have a stump on your property that is a safety hazard and an eyesore? Grinding a stump is the safest and most effective method of removal, and it causes the least amount of damage to your property. We use a self-propelled machine to grind tree stumps below ground level. The machine grinds the stump into woodchips, which we contain in the confines of guards and tarps we will set up around the worksite. We will also offer to clean the debris and install topsoil, grass seed, and straw in the stump’s place to improve the appearance of your lawn.

Aerial lift service in Watertown, CT

Other Arboreal Services

Brush Hog Service

Is your land being overtaken by small saplings and briars? Our tractor-mounted brush hog can mow them down and clear your field. The brush hog is an attachment mounted onto the back of our tractor to clear brush and field grass.

Aerial Lift Service

We have a 60-foot bucket truck and an 80-foot, all-access lift available, which can be used to set up Christmas lights, change lightbulbs in street lights, access tall roofs and chimneys, fix flagpoles, and more. This equipment allows us to reach heights in a safe and effective manner. We can even provide aerial photography for school pictures or for realtors who need property photos.

Tree Hazard Inspection

Our licensed arborist is trained to spot trees that run the risk of failing, even if they look healthy. Joe will work with you to keep you and your trees safe!

Tree Planting

Did you know that trees can add both beauty and value to your property? Let us help you safely and properly plant some new trees! Our licensed arborist can help you select the types of trees that will be best for your property. We can also plant memorial trees to honor a loved one.


24-Hour Emergency Service

Have an emergency? Has there been a storm that knocked down a tree or limbs? Give us a call at 203 758 2767 to receive phone prompts for urgent calls. We will provide you with efficient service, removing the tree from your property, and can help you through the insurance process if necessary.

Our State-of-the-Art Equipment Includes:

Articulating Loader/Forwarding Machine

  • 60”Wide
  • Extra-Wide Turf Tires
  • Grapple/Winch Attachment
  • Lightweight & Lawn-Friendly

All-Access Lift

  • 80’ of reach
  • Remote access through a 36” gate or tight areas
  • Accesses large hedges and evergreen trees
  • Helps with professional tree maintenance and removal
  • Loaded up on an enclosed trailer, ready for emergency work
  • We purchase unique equipment to better serve our customers
Brush hog service in Watertown, CT
Brush hog service in Watertown, CT
Brush hog service in Watertown, CT
Brush hog service in Watertown, CT

For more information about our services, or to RECEIVE an estimate, contact us today. Call or text 203-758-2767. We look forward to working with you and your trees!

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