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Safe and effective tick control

     We started our tick control program because it seemed like everyone we talked to has either had an experience with removing a tick form a pet or family member, or knew someone who had been bitten.  We found that many people didn't know they could kill ticks before they bite by targeting their own property.  After some research and testing its effectiveness at our own homes we are happy to offer this service to our customers.  

     After a visit to your property we can determine the best course of action to take in order to reduce and eventually eliminate ticks from entering your yard and even your house.  We recommend keeping the property well maintained by keeping the grass cut short, and free of leaves and other debris.  A track of woodchips between woodlines and grassy areas makes it difficult for ticks to travel over and enter your yard. Keeping your trees pruned will allow more sunlight on your lawn eliminating cool moist areas where ticks thrive.

     We have found other ways to eliminate ticks from your property.  We use a safe and effective way of controlling ticks by targeting the largest carrier of ticks, the white-footed mouse.  Damminix placed in mouse habitats by our licensed professionals is very effective in reducing Lyme Disease carrying deer tick populations on and around your property. Damminix consists of cardboard tubes containing cotton balls sprayed with an ingredient that is very effective at killing ticks while leaving the mice unharmed. These tick control tubes are placed in strategic areas in the landscape and surrounding wooded areas. The mice, a favored host of the deer tick, bring the cotton balls back to their burrows to line their nests. The ticks feeding on the mice then come into contact with the treated cotton and are quickly eliminated. We recommend Damminix for tick control treatments because it does not harm the mice or wildlife in your landscape and is totally biodegradable.

     Damminix in conjunction with a spray application of a safe multi-insecticide will let you and your family enjoy the outdoors without worrying about ticks.  Contact us for a free evaluation of your property.





Life cycle of ticks


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