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Services Offered  

Cabling and Bracing Artificial Support: This procedure can be a life saver for mature trees with less than perfect branch structure. This will prevent catastrophic large limb loss, this injury is the beginning of the end to your beautiful specimen. Cabling and bracing will also bring security to everything around your tree. People and things around your tree are also known as targets. These are some photos of our climbing crew installing a center ring system in a large white ash tree.


Without this supporting cable- These trees can damage homes or other objects in their path.


Tree Pruning:

Tree pruning is accomplished by knowledgeable staff who have been trained to first identify the tree then provide the proper pruning to the tree without compromising the health of the tree being pruned.  Brothers' Tree Service has skilled climbers who access the canopy of the tree through a series of climbing techniques utilizing rope, saddle and other specialized equipment.  We never use climbing spurs or spikes on our feet when prunning a tree.  When accessible we also use our 60 ft bucket truck to effortlessly move through the canopy of the tree.  Below is a photo of Michael climbing a large tulip tree and maple tree to prune and cable them.


Tree Removal:  

When a tree must be removed we offer to remove it safely with our specialized equipment and knowledgeable staff.  Whether the tree is over your house or along the property borders, we are knowledgeable and equipped to handle it. We use new and innovative tools like our crawler 80 ft spider lift, log arches, a multi-trac loader, and alturnamats to protect your lawn.  We strive to leave your property cleaner than when we arrived.  See the difference with Brothers' Tree Service


Stump Grinding:   

There are many ways to remove a stump.  Grinding the stump is the safest, most efficient way. Grinding also provides the least amount of damage to the surrounding area compared to pulling the stump.  Grinding is done with one of our two stump grinding machines and a skilled operator.  The stump is ground into wood chips and contained in the area by our system of guards and tarps.  We then offer to clean up the debris and install topsoil, grass seed and straw in place of that undesirable stump, leaving you with one less obstacle to mow around and one less trip hazard. 


Insect and disease diagnosis and treatment:  

Our licensed arborist can diagnose the problems with your trees. When the problem is identified, a certified spray technician will apply the control as prescribed by our arborist.  Some examples of insects are Hemlock wooly adelgid, spider mites, scale, bronze birch borer, weevils, caterpillars, etc.. We can protect Connecticuts Ash trees that are currently under attack from the emerald ash borer. Ask us about applications to help control disease carrying ticks and mosquitoes


Hedge Trimming:  

Trimming hedges frequently ensures the hedge will remain a manageable size and stay full with little or no holes in the hedge.  Whether the hedge be small or large we have the means to maintain the hedge safely.  

24 Hour Emergency Service:

When a storm hits, we are on call to handle your tree emergency any time day or night.  We will remove your hazard tree from your house, car, driveway etc. without causing further damage to your property.  Hopefully you never need this service, but you should know who to call if you wake up to a tree in your living room.  click here for more info


Air Excavation:  

When we have to access the root system for inspection or to lessen soil compaction we use a tool called an air spade.  With the help of a powerful air compressor, this tool lets us remove the soil surrounding the roots without damage to the fine roots needed for the trees survival.



Tree planting: A properly planted tree will add value and beauty to your property.  Our arborist is knowledgeable in selecting the right tree for your space.  We will also plant a memorial tree in honor of a loved one.  Here we are planting balled and burlapped Himalayan birch trees (Betula jacquemonti).


Tree and shrub transplanting:  If you need to move a tree or shrub from one area to another, let the professionals from Brothers' Tree Service transplant that prized specimen for you.  We have the equipment and knowledge to move the tree or shrub to a more desirable location.  Below, we are transplanting a Bradford pear to its new location to make room for a swimming pool.


Tree and shrub fertilizing:  Fertilizer has many benefits to your tree or shrub.  We use PHC brand fertilizer applied with the most efficient delivery system available.  Deep root feeding ensures the roots receive the necessary amount of fertilizer prescribed by our arborist, limiting the amount of runoff.  

Bull hog and brush hog service:  We use a couple of different ways to control overgrown property or to clear land.  Bull hog service is accomplished with a tracked skid steer and rotating forestry mower attachment as pictured below.  This is used on shrubs, briars, and small trees up to 10" in diameter leaving a wake of wood chips in its path.


A brush hog is an attachment for smaller diameter brush and field grass.  It is mounted on the back of our tractor and does a fine job of reclaiming your overgrown property. See the before and after photos below.


Aerial lift service and subcontracting:  When you have to access tall areas safely and efficiently we utilize our 65 ft aerial lift boom.  In the past we have set Christmas lights, changed street light bulbs, repaired flag poles, cleared snow from roofs, accessed chimneys etc...    We also offer aerial photography for school pictures or for a realtor who needs a photo of the entire property.  From 65 ft up you get a whole new prospective.  Here is a short video of us hanging Christmas wreaths for a shopping center.

Land clearing and yard expansion:   Whether you are putting in a driveway, roadway, pipeline, enhancing a view or expanding your useable property let Brothers' Tree Service remove the trees for you.  We provide low impact tree removal so we don't leave your property a mess when we are done.  We have the equipment and knowledgeable manpower to quickly and efficiently meet the needs of your property.


Anti-transpirant applications:  As part of our plant health care options we offer protection for your shrubs or newly planted trees.  This application protects plants from moisture loss due to drought, winter damage, and transplantation. It will extend the quality and duration of cut Christmas trees, greenery and holly (allows early Christmas Tree harvest.)  Anti-transpirants such as Transfilm are applied to leaf surfaces to relieve the plant from water stress. Coating leaves with a clear thin film can provide a water-impermeable layer to reduce transpiration.

Tick control:  We use a safe and effective way of controlling ticks by targeting the largest carrier of ticks, the white-footed mouse.  Damminix placed in mouse habitats by our licensed professionals is very effective in reducing Lyme Disease carrying deer tick populations on and around your property. Damminix consists of cardboard tubes containing cotton balls sprayed with an ingredient that is very effective at killing ticks while leaving the mice unharmed. These tick control tubes are placed in strategic areas in the landscape and surrounding wooded areas. The mice, a favored host of the deer tick, bring the cotton balls back to their burrows to line their nests. The ticks feeding on the mice then come into contact with the treated cotton and are quickly eliminated. We recommend Damminix for tick control treatments because it does not harm the mice or wildlife in your landscape and is totally biodegradable.  We make the outdoors safe for your family and pets.  Click here for more info.

.        Tick waiting for a host

Deer repellant applications:  There are a few ways to protect your trees and shrubs form the never ending hunger of today's growing deer population.  Some people choose to install a fence around their entire property.  This is an effective but often costly proposal if you have a good size property.  I have heard of some home remedies people use including hanging CDs or soap from tree limbs.  This is an unproven and unsightly way to keep deer away.

Don't replace expensive shrubbery every time deer visit your property, protect it with a safe, long lasting, eco-friendly deer repellant application.   It safely disrupts the foraging patterns of deer and deters them from browsing on your property.  Our spring thru fall applications are virtually undetectable by people, but are a highly effective deterrent to deer through odor and taste. Our late fall-winter application is the longest lasting around. It protects through taste alone and leaves a visible film on the plant. Our applications are an effective deterrant from white tail deer, black tail deer, mule deer, sika deer, elk, and even moose.