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Brothers Tree Service


Meet the owners of Brothers' Tree Service

Joseph Bernardi


Joe has worked in tree care since he was a teenager.  He attended an agricultural high school in Woodbury where he developed a love for trees.  Joe worked for Asplundh tree experts and helped the USDA work towards eradicating the Asian Longhorned beetle in New York City, which is still a threat to many native trees.  Joe is a licenced arborist in CT where he continues to learn about one of our most loved resources, trees. He is a licensed pesitcide supervisor with the CT DEP for Brothers' Tree Service.  Joe is also a volunteer firefighter in the town of Middlebury where he lives with his wife Jaime and children Angelina, Olivia and Joseph.

Michael Bernardi


Michael lives in Bethlehem with his wife Christina and two children Alexis and Jeffrey.  Michael enjoys climbing and working in trees.  He is certified to apply pesticides, fertilizer and treat ailing trees. Michael is also the foreman on the climbing crew and assists in the maintenance of the equipment.  He attended college in Waterbury and worked for the state before working full time for Brothers. He joined the Marine Corps in 1998 and is an Iraq war veteran and member of VFW post 7330 in Oakville.

Brian Bernardi


Brian lives in Bethlehem with his wife Virginia and children Brooke and Benjamin.  He is foreman on the bucket truck crew and certified pesticide applicator with the DEP.  Brian enjoys being high up in trees either climbing or in the bucket truck and welding various projects at our shop in Watertown.  Brian also helps maintain all of the equipment in the Brothers fleet.  He also enjoys driving and restoring his collection of wheel horse tractors.  He attended an agricultural school in Woodbury where he was first introduced to tree care.  He then worked for Asplundh tree as a foreman where he learned a lot about safety, bucket operations, and electrical hazards. Brian is an active member of the Bethlehem volunteer fire department.