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  compressed sawdust brick 

Heating Bricks: Brothers' Tree Service offers heating bricks for sale. These bricks can be burnt anyplace you currently burn firewood. Heat your home this winter with compressed wood shavings/saw dust.

  • Brothers' heating bricks are a high density fuel that extends your burn time. (approximately 12 hrs per pack)
  • Safely and easily stacks and store inside garage or in a closet out of the weather.
  • Easy to handle, splinter free 40lb packages.
  • Lights easily with newspaper, no kindling needed.
  • Extremely clean burning with more heat, less smoke, less creosote, less ash.
  • No glues or artificial binders. 100% wood
  • Space saving benefits.  One pallet (4x4x3) offers the same heat btu as one cord of wood (4x4x8).
  • Environmentally friendly, turning a waste product into a useable resource.
  • No insects hitching a ride inside
  • All bricks are uniform in size, density, and moisture content creating predictable burn times and temps.
  • Lessens dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Cool to watch burn!!

Price -- $300 per ton  (1pallet)  + $25 local delivery charge

                                                  trial sizes available for pick up only

bag-O-wood: Great for condos, a camping trip, outdoor cooking, or someone who only lights their fireplace a couple times a year.  Available in kindling sizes or split pieces the bag-o-wood is right for you. It is now available in 100% split apple wood for smoking/flavoring food on a grill.

Price--mixed hardwood (kindling or split)-$10   Apple wood (split)-$20  COD only, no personal checks

Skid-o-wood:  As you can see, we try to accommodate everyone with the way we package and sell our wood products.  We are selling split and seasoned hardwood stacked neatly on a pallet.  You can pick this up at the address on the bottom of this page, or we will deliver the skid for a nominal fee and place it anywhere on your property (even in your garage) with our turf friendly loader and pallet jack. Pallet holds approximately 1/3 of a cord.

price-- $125     local delivery $25 extra     COD only, no personal checks


Split/seasoned hardwood mix:  Available while supplies last, premium hardwood firewood that has been split and dried for 1 year.  Stored off the ground on pallets, this firewood is ready to heat your home.

price-- $250 per cord delivered locally. COD only, no personal checks


Log length firewood:  8-16 ft lengths of mixed hardwood delivered to your property for you to cut and split.  Diameters range from 3-36 in.

price-- $450 per load delivered locally (3-4 cord)  COD only, no personal checks


Wood chips/mulch:  Available for pick up from our shop or delivered to you.  Wood chips are an economical way to keep down weeds and prevent erosion. A tree's best friend, mulch insulates soil, retains moisture, keeps out weeds, prevents soil compaction, reduces lawnmower damage to trees trunks, and adds an aesthetic touch to a yard or street. To install:  remove any grass within the mulch area, an area from 3 to 10 feet in diameter, depending on tree size. Place wood chips 2 to 4 inches deep within the circle, but not touching the trunk.

price per yard--  wood chips   *** $5 picked up or $10 delivered locally

double ground brown mulch ***  $20 picked up or $25 delivered locally


Cedar posts:  These red cedar posts are great for building arbors, sign posts, fence posts and rails, etc...

price-- 8 ft post $5 ea       10 ft post $6 ea  picked up

Topsoil:    Premium screened topsoil picked up at our shop (address below) or delivered to your site.

Trees and shrubs:  We can help you pick out a tree and deliver it to its new location.  There are a lot of options to choose from.  Let our arborist help you pick the best tree or shrub for your location.

For pick up of above items please call ahead to schedule a time for a meeting at the address below.

227 Commercial St. Watertown CT. 06795

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