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Brothers Tree Service

Cat in a tree rescue

When your feline friend finds itself up a tree, call on us to help you out.  Many times firefighters and police are unable or unwilling to help. We can be called upon to rescue cats utilizing our bucket truck, spider lift, or one of our skilled climbers.

Why do some cats get stuck and refuse to come down all the while crying for help?

Here are some possible reasons: Cats can go into a state of shock, and much like a human can be overcome with the fear of falling and simply not be able to think clearly. A cat can be so filled with fright that it doesn't realize it's capable of climbing down on its own.Also the curved claws of a cat work well for climbing up a tree trunk, but to climb down, the cat has to climb backwards down the trunk. This is not so easy for some cats to do naturally.

Below are a few rescues we were able to get pictures of.  

December 2009  Oakville CT - Featured in the Waterbury Republican American newspaper.


December 2008  


Newspaper story   Rodney the cat  Feb. 2010 Ridgefield, CT


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