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Frequently asked questions


Question:  What is an Arborist?

Answer:  An arborist is someone who, through education and training is qualified to practice arboriculture. Arboriculture is the application of standards and techniques developed to improve the condition of shade, ornamental and fruit trees. Practices include pruning, cabling, bracing, fertilization, aeration and the control of insects and diseases. The arborist is knowledgeable about the typical growth habits and preferred site location and conditions of healthy trees and is able to diagnose problems from the obvious insect infestation to the less obvious environmental stresses such as changes in soil grade or drought that may affect tree health.

An arborist license, issued by the Department of Environmental Protection, is required to practice arboriculture for hire in The State of Connecticut. 

Question:  Why can't a landscaper or unlicensed tree co. prune or treat my trees?

Answer:   By law, in the state of Connecticut, only licensed arborists may advertise, solicit, or contract: to prune, cable, fertilize, or spray trees. Please be careful of many tree and landscape companies that claim to be "licensed." They may have a "contractors license" or "drivers license" but this does not allow them to advertise, solicit, or contract to do arboriculture in Connecticut.

Question:  Do I have to be home when you do the work?

Answer:  In most cases, no. If you prefer to be present, we will try to accommodate your schedule.  We have to be able to get onto your property and bring in equipment if necessary. It is our goal to perform tree services safely and efficiently with a minimum of inconvenience to the client.

Question:  Why can't my tree be topped?

Answer:  Topping is considered unprofessional work. In fact, Standards for tree care published by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), specifically prohibit topping. Topping promotes decay and produces rapid growth of "watersprouts" (limbs that are weakly attached). It decreases the tree's ability to produce energy (photosynthesis) due to leaf reduction, weakening its vigor and starving the tree.

Question:  Will all of the pruning cuts be painted with wound dressing?

Answer:  No.  Research has shown that tree paints do not suppress insect pests, disease or decay or provide any benefit to the plant. Certain wound dressing may actually damage plant cells.

Question:  Will you remove the debris from the job?

Answer:  Yes, unless otherwise agreed upon at the point of sale. Cleanup is an important factor in tree care, it's advised to clearly discuss what you expect with your Arborist/Representative. Brothers' tree service takes pride in their thorough clean-up.

Question:  How deep will the stump be ground?

Answer:  Normally 4-6" unless otherwise agreed upon at the point of sale. You should also discuss any surface roots or other obstructions you'd like attended to. Also discuss debris removal with your Arborist/Representative. A large stump could produce a truckload of chips.

Question:  How and when do I pay for the work?

Answer:  The payment is due upon completion of proposed work. If you are unavailable on that day an invoice will arrive a few days after completion.  We prefer payment in either a personal check, money order or cash.  Visa/Mastercard is also accepted.

Question:  Will an owner be present to perform the work?

Answer:  Because there are three owners, chances are very high the foreman of the job will be one of the owners. Something not every tree service can say will happen with them. click here to meet the owners

If you have other questions, we encourage you to discuss them with our arborist or foreman before any work is started.  We look forward to serving you the best way possible.